‘Modernity’ is in our Chemistry!

Cagdas Kimya was established in 2000 in order to procure food additives to food industry.

We are not only the distributor of the leading producers of the world, but also the authorized dealer of Aromsa that is the biggest flavour producer of Turkey. We can supply high quality products at competitive prices, and provide quality stability in products.

We can supply high quality products at competitive prices, and provide quality stability in products.

We serve food industry with professional staff and wide range of products by focusing on the principle of hundred percent customer satisfaction. Technical assistance can be provided to customers together with supplying food additives. The goods are stored and shipped from the company warehouse which is 2000 m2 with a cooling room.

Cagdas is one of the most important parts of the procurement chain of Turkey with its dynamic structure that helps to adapt itself to the changing procurement conditions.

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Merging to become a new identity

On November 7, 2011, CNI and Bio Sera companies merged under a single name as NEXIRA.
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Warehouse moved

Our warehouse moved to its new address on 01.02.2011 in order to be able to serve in a more ‘modern’ way!


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Barbaros Mah. Karayolları Site Sk. Gokyuzu Soyak Sitesi B Blok N:1 Kosuyolu/Uskudar İSTANBUL

+90 216 651 09 00

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Warehouse (İstanbul-1)

Ekşioğlu Mah. Saray Cad. 43. Sk. No: 15, Alemdağ-Çekmeköy İSTANBUL

+90 216 429 92 30

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Warehouse (İstanbul-2)

İkitelli OSB. Pik Dökümcüler Sanayi Sitesi. TEM 34 İkitelli No:27 Daire No:207 Başakşehir İSTANBUL
UAVT NO: 2717860262

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Warehouse (Gaziantep)

Sanayi Mah.60322 No’lu Sokak No:7 Şehitkamil / Gaziantep

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Environmental Policy

Our company is engaged in the sale and marketing of Food Additives and Filling Materials, Chemical Paint and Minerals, Semi Finished Products, Flour, Sugar, Acid, Acid Free, Wet Dry or Processed Products and Conditions;

To determine the needs of our company and our staff at the time of developing and changing and to work on continuous improvement, improvement and productivity improvement of quality. To provide a continuous customer satisfaction by making a product base so as to meet the needs and expectation of our customers,

Considering environmental effects and risks, using appropriate resources and technology to produce quality products,

Our organization is to carry out its activities in accordance with the legal regulations related to environment, occupational health and safety,

To ensure the health and safety of our employees and to create a suitable working environment,

To comply with the requirements of Environment & OHS management systems and to ensure continuous improvement,

To be in contact with the customers, suppliers, official and other organizations in the issues related to environment & ISG and to support the necessary matters,

By using natural resources efficiently, by keeping environmental dimensions under control, by reducing environmental pollution,

All of our employees are committed to providing continuous education and motivation in relation to the Environment & ISG, Our company is aware of its responsibilities to its employees, collectors and the environment and undertakes to make a safe and healthy environment.


Quality Policy

Food Additives and Filling Materials, Chemical Paint and Minerals, Semi-Finished Products, Processed with Flour, Sugar, Acid, Acid, Age, Dry or Different Methods Our company, which sells and markets the Products and Terms;

Product quality that ensures customer satisfaction and permanence, Being present in the market with a corporate identity,
Dedicated work for the realization of the specified objectives and their follow-up, Full customer by meeting customer requirements and meeting expectations satisfaction,
Timely adaptation to changing world conditions,
Fulfilling the requirements of the Quality Management System Standard,
Continuous improvement of the system,
Providing a common point of view in every aspect of the organization in accordance with our quality requirements,
Providing training and open communication to all its employees,
Fulfillment of the requirements of legal legislation,

He is committed to being an example with his sensitivity to the environment and collecting.


Our Magazine Advertisements

Merging to become a new identity

Dear Customer and Business Partner,

We are delighted to share with you important information about the integration of Colloides Naturels Internationals and Bio Serae Laboratoires.

On November 7, 2011, CNI and Bio Sera companies merged under a single name as NEXIRA.

NEXIRA is proud to offer you three new areas of information and experience together: NEXIRA Food, NEXIRA Health and NEXIRA Technology. NEXIRA aims to better meet your expectations by expanding its product range to the Food, Nutrition and Health markets.

Thanks to this synergy resulting from the combined research power, it will bring its expertise to the world with technical support by offering innovative products. NEXIRA will continue to offer natural raw materials, high quality, confidence and continuity.

As your best business partner, NEXIRA will protect natural resources in its core strategies and sustainable development will provide even more than ever before. You can rest assured that NEXIRA will continue to provide excellent service by protecting the images of CNI and BIO SERAE.

Detailed information about our new identity, new departments and advantages are presented in our e-brochure. Our team will be happy to answer your questions.

Thank you for your support,

Stéphane Dondain
Chairman of the Board of Directors